All you need to know to immigrate to Switzerland

Switzerland Immigration Programs

Immigration to Switzerland via a tourist visa

According to this method, a person wishing to immigrate to Switzerland must apply for a tourist visa from the Embassy of Switzerland in his country. After getting there, a person can apply for asylum in Switzerland, provided that the Swiss authorities have compelling reasons to approve the application, such as fear of murder, imprisonment, discrimination, etc. In other words, it can be said that obtaining a tourist visa is a means that many individuals resort to in order to enter Swiss territory at first, and then try to obtain residence in Switzerland by applying for humanitarian or political asylum.

Immigration to Switzerland to study

Switzerland is one of the countries that attract students from all over the world; Due to the strength of its universities in education and qualification programs. Some of Switzerland’s universities have been ranked among the top 30 universities in the world. Studying in Switzerland is one of the ways to immigrate to it, especially for those who are in the youth stage and are still studying from after secondary school to a doctorate degree.

Those who wish to follow this method must submit an application to a Swiss university, accompanied by all the required papers and documents, to obtain the approval of the university at the outset. Upon obtaining approval, the person must apply to the Embassy of Switzerland in his country to apply for the visa, and attach the following documents with the application:

Acceptance letter or paper from the Swiss university.
A document proving that the student has paid the registration fee at the Swiss University.
A bank statement that proves the student’s financial ability to bear the expenses of studying and living in Switzerland.
Student’s CV.

Immigration to Switzerland by work

Although the priority of working in Switzerland is for citizens and residents, there are jobs in Switzerland that no one applies to work in, or that require qualifications and experience that may not be available in the Swiss labor market.

Friends, acquaintances and relatives residing in Switzerland play a major role in helping a person find a job in Switzerland; They can submit a job application to a friend or relative residing outside Switzerland, provided they submit all the required documents. There is no doubt that the success of this method depends on the extent of interest and assistance of the person who follows up on the job application in Switzerland. If that person succeeds in finding a job for his friend or relative, and obtains the consent of the employer, it is possible to finalize the transaction procedures in Switzerland, and then send a copy of the employment contract to the person outside Switzerland, who can then review the Swiss embassy in his country to obtain A visa to travel and immigrate to Switzerland in order to work.

Immigration to Switzerland through family reunification

Swiss law allows family members of people legally residing in Switzerland to join and reside with them. The family includes both the wife or husband and children under the age of 21, as well as the dependents of the resident regardless of their age. It doesn’t take much action; The Swiss authorities must be informed of their arrival and within 8 days. Then the file is transferred to the cantonal authority to study the application and grant them residence, after submitting all the required papers and documents, which include: a valid passport for the applicant and his family members, health insurance certificates, a recent personal photo of the applicant and each member of his family, marriage contract and birth certificates For children, a work contract or certificate proving that the applicant is registered to study at a Swiss university.